Sync Anywhere

Iroh is a protocol for syncing data. It's Open source, connects devices directly, and works nearly anywhere.

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Live collaborate on anything

Invite multiple users to a shared key-value store from any device. Iroh syncs for you, with hooks to read & write changes.

No central server required

Iroh establishes direct connections between devices for you, traversing across network address translation (NATs) with best-in-class connection rates.

Auto-resuming transfer

Work with data of any size, including sizes that don't fit on a fit on a single device.

Your own shared, programmable drive

Expose data as a shared folder on your computer or phone free-to-use direct connections. Write code that reacts to changes & write back to the drive on the fly.

download zero drive

Move data for free

Direct connections don't come with a bill. With iroh it's possible to build & use zero-cost tooling.

Build self-sustaining networks

users can start a movie on their computer, then transfer to their phone, bringing data with them.

Sync between services

write integrations into services

See Integration Examples

Seamless cloud backing

Connect to a global network of iroh nodes that keep your data available at all times

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Build in your language

Iroh supports a growing set of languages, embedding nodes directly in your project without any need to call out to an external API

start building

doc get

> doc new --switch
Active doc is now dyyelvqq…

author:fhu3uk4w… doc:dyyelvqq…
> doc set foo bar
@fhu3uk4w…: foo = 6lujp3wx… (3 B)

author:fhu3uk4w… doc:dyyelvqq…
> doc get foo
@fhu3uk4w…: foo = 6lujp3wx… (3 B)

Install the CLI

Install iroh now & jump into the quickstart.

$ curl -fsSL | bash
$ iroh console --start