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one computer sending files to another computer through a pipe

File transfer
doesn't need to be complicated

It's like scp without needing to know the IP address. Add some files to sendme, and it will give you a pastable ticket that you can give to anyone who needs your files. Sendme will connect your devices directly & transfer the data without any accounts or configuration.


Add sendme to your machine using shell:


> $ sendme send ~/great_photos

content added

run sendme receive blobQmFoo...

1. Setup

pass a file or folder you want to share to sendme. It'll spit out a ticket.

hey here have some great photos: blobQmFoo...

2. Paste

copy-paste the ticket to your friend.

> $ sendme receive blobQmFoo...

fetched to great_photos

3. Download

run get to fetch data directly from your friend.

Free, for files & folders of any size

sendme works by connecting sender and receiver directly, so there's no need to upload to a server, which means no cost!


Sendme can saturate a 4Gbps connection.

Resumable fetching

Interrupted downloads pick up where they left off.

Integrity checks

Data is automatically verified for correctness on both send and receive.

Sendme is built on iroh

Just like dumbpipe, sendme is built on iroh. Sendme uses iroh blobs to send and verify your files, and connections to establish direct links between devices for data transfer