iroh install iroh


Iroh works on macOS & Linux. Our current release is for iroh cloud, a collection of four binaries with no external dependencies.

Installing iroh on your laptop

Run this script to get started:

curl -fsSL | sh

Running this script will put iroh cloud on your laptop. In our testing, iroh cloud works well on laptops, and we wholly recommend running it. The above script automatically configures iroh for the laptop environment. We set up a racing gateway so you can cache IPFS content locally, and leave p2p communication off until you explicitly turn it on. You can be on a zoom call with iroh cloud running in the background.

Package Managers

We haven't yet begin to distribute iroh to package managers, but we're planning on it. More soon.


We don't yet have official docker images for iroh. More soon.

Building from Source

Information about how to build from source can be found in our repo's Developer documentation.

Removing Iroh

To remove iroh from your machine, delete the following directories:


~/Library/Application Support/iroh


$XDG_CONFIG_HOME or $HOME/.config/iroh