Install the Iroh Command Line Interface (CLI) for MacOS, Linux & Windows.

Run this script to get started:

curl -fsSL | sh

Package Managers

Iroh is available on tea for macOS and Linux. To install, run:

$ curl | sh
# ^^ installs the tea package manager

$ iroh --help
# ^^ tea installs iroh automagically

Docker Containers

The Iroh CLI is not currently available as a docker image. We're working on it.

Building from Source

Details on how to build from source can be found in the iroh Developer documentation.

Removing Iroh

To completely remove iroh from your system, remove the binary executable and delete the data directory.

By default the iroh CLI persists to a data directory that keeps configuration & a small database. The location of that directory is platform specific:

Linux$XDG_CONFIG_HOME or $HOME/.config/iroh/home/alice/.config/iroh
macOS$HOME/Library/Application Support/iroh/Users/Alice/Library/Application Support/iroh