Iroh commands are the primary API for interacting with an iroh node, implemented in numerous languages. This reference covers what commands do, with code examples.

Running the examples

Each language has it's own environment-specific setup that's assumed in each example:

The console is the best way to learn the API without writing code, and serves double duty as a diagnostics tool when you're building applications. It's a read-evaluate-print loop (REPL) that communicates with an iroh node for realtime updates.

For a tour of the console check out the quickstart. Start the console with the iroh console command:

$ iroh console

Document Commands

Commands for managing & manipulating documents

doc switch

Set the active document (only works within the Iroh console).

doc new

Create a new blank document.

doc join

Join a document from a ticket.

doc list

List documents on this node.

doc share

Share a document with peers.

doc set

Set an entry in a document

doc get

Get entries in a document.

doc keys

List all keys in a document.

Author Commands

Author commands manage document editors & viewers.

author switch

Set the active author for doc insertion (only works within the console).

author list

List authors.

author new

Create a new author.

Blob Commands

Blobs are content-addressed objects.

blob add

Add data from PATH to the running provider's database.

blob share

Download data to the running provider's database and provide it.

blob list blobs

List the available blobs on the running provider.

blob list incomplete-blobs

List the blobs on the running provider that are not full files.

blob list collections

List the available collections on the running provider.

blob validate

Validate hashes on the running node.