iroh quickstart

Quickstart: Gateway

This guide will walk you through running iroh cloud on your local machine, using the default configuration of a gateway backed by a p2p and store service. Once a gateway is up & running we’ll use it to fetch content from the IPFS network by requesting content from a web browser.

Run Iroh locally

We’ve prepped a bash file one-liner for you:

$ curl -fsSL | sh -s -- quickstart

Running stuff from the internet directly on your terminal is generally a bad idea. Feel free to read through the script first 😄 by dropping the pipe | character and everything after it to print to your terminal. The setup script takes a bit of time to fetch precompiled binaries. Once up and running you should see terminal output that looks like this:

$ curl -fsSL | sh-s--quickstart
starting iroh-store.
iroh-store started
view logs at ~/.iroh/log/iroh-store.log
starting iroh-p2p.
iroh-p2p started
view logs at ~/.iroh/log/iroh-p2p.log
starting iroh-gateway.
iroh-gateway started
view logs at ~/.iroh/log/iroh-gateway.log
iroh started
iroh-gateway available at http: //localhost:9050
you can run iroh-ctl from ~/.iroh/bin/iroh-ctl

Using the gateway

Open a web browser and visit If working, you should see a funny looking “cat”. If so, congrats! You’ve used iroh to load something from the public IPFS network. If you reload this page that same content will be served from a local cache instead of hitting the network again. Feel free to experiment with other IPFS content!

Hello iroh-ctl

Run ~/.iroh/bin/iroh-ctl status to get a summary of the health of your iroh cloud services. You should see something like:

~/.iroh/bin/iroh-ctl status
Process     Number    Status
gateway     1/1       Serving
p2p         1/1       Serving
store       1/1       Serving

This indicates all three services are running & healthy.

Stopping iroh

This setup script includes a few options, which you can see by replacing quickstart with -h:

$ curl -fsSL | sh -s -- -h
iroh quickstart


    init          Initialize iroh
    start         Start iroh services
    stop          Stop iroh services
    quickstart    Init iroh and start services

    -h, --help              Prints help information

The help text includes a reference to a stop command. Let’s run that:

$ curl -fsSL | sh -s -- stop

You should see output looking like this:

$ curl -fsSL | sh -s -- stop
stopping iroh-gateway...
stopping iroh-p2p...
stopping iroh-store...